About Us


Dr.DerMiss is a dermocosmetic brand created on the basis of experience of dermatologists, cosmetologists and biotechnologists. When the dermocosmetic products are being developed, the newest and approved trends in dermotology to use awarded ECOCERT Certified Actives while cutting the edges of skin care and treatment. Our product portfolio consists of unique, value-added, innovative ingredients supported by rigorous scientific research.

Comprehensive and continuous solutions for every skin type is the main concern of Dr.DerMiss dermocosmetic products. Beyond the ideal of beauty, Dr.DerMiss dermocosmetic products quarantee the best skin condition and make everyone unique and imcomparable.

Our specialized staff conducts scientific research on innovation of our products thanks to Dr.DerMiss cosmetics include composotion of active ingredients having beneficial and safe effect on all type of skins. The complexity of research is provided thanks to our own Research and Development Center and independent laboratory guarantees the quality and safety of our products. Numerous clinical and consumers’ tests proves the effectiveness of Dr.DerMiss cosmetics.

Bolat Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics Trade Limited Company is the owner and producer of Dr.DerMiss brand and it was established in 2009 and has adopted the quality service concept with quality products since the first day, is the leader company of medical aesthetics and beauty sector in its field by continuously increasing its number and renewing its products.

Our company which presented Dr.DerMiss, which is the first indigenous brand in the sector, to professionals has reached to 2,500 points throughout the country so far and then started to operate in aesthetic devices field with Mezopen, Mezoscrub and Mezocare brands.
Bolat Medikal, which received its legitimate value from sector professionals since its establishment, quality and progress with innovation and creativity.

Dr.DerMiss dermocosmetics are approved by the best dermatologists, aestheticians and professionals in Turkey who are willing to recommend our products to their patients.

We create a team of specialists who thanks to the mutual cooperation, combination of experience and passion allow us to create new quality of products for dermo care. We strive for best knowledge in order to face requirements and expectations of sensitive and problematic skin offering effective and safe products.