R-PEEL pH 3,6

Thanks to its support for collagen production, its anti-oxidant, its superior performance in skin renewal and its moisturizing properties; It is used in applications such as anti aging, dry and matte skin, elasticity and crack care. It can be used during the summer months because it makes only a vague robbery. Provides visible brightness even after the first application. It can also be used on sensitive skin that has intolerance to other peels.


20% Arginine
18% Lactic Acid

Usage Recommendations

It is recommended to apply 3 coats 3 minutes apart to clean skin. After an average of 9 minutes, the process should be terminated with a suitable neutralizer. The application time is closely related to patient comfort and skin tolerance. In this application there is usually no burning sensation, but in the event of any unexpected situation, the process must be terminated without waiting for this time. The application is recommended in a total of 4-6 sessions per month. Depending on the condition of the skin, it can be administered weekly or every 15 days. For the first 15 days of the 1-month period, Sunscreen with Strengthening and Nourishing Care Cream and Anti Aging Serum and Anti Aging Cream is recommended for the last 15 days.