W-PEEL pH 3,4

It is effective in hyperpigmentation problems in sensitive and high phototypic skin. Controlling sebum production is effective in preventing the formation of new acne. Skin renewal helps to reduce the scar and pit (atrophy) pattern of acne.


34% Glycolic Acid
10% Lactic Acid
% 5 Kojic Acid
5% Citric Acid
% 2 Salicylic Acid
% 0,5 Askorbil Glucoside

Usage Recommendations

The clean skin can be accessed at 2 to 5 minutes intervals. 8-10 minutes after obtaining a suitable neutralizer. Application time and skin tolerance should be done. That’s why I’m waiting for you. A total of 4-6 sessions of cures per month are available. For the first 15 days in the house, you can use Sunblock with Booster and Nourishing Care Cream and Skin Care Gel and Skin Whitening Cream for 15 days.